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With offices in the US and Latin America, and clients located on nearly every continent, The Goodness Company is a truly global marketing agency.  Today, it’s not enough to be good a good doctor, dentist or hospital.  To succeed, you need to understand how to position your company in a world of fierce competitors.  As the quality of healthcare improves around the world, more and more people will open their eyes to the value of medical tourism. 

Medical practices down the street will need to understand how to compete in a truly global healthcare market without borders.  Whether you operate a small doctor’s office or dental practice or a multi-national healthcare brand, The Goodness Company has the experience to position and market healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes for ongoing and lasting success.

Marketing Services

  • branding Quite simply...Branding is Perception. How do people feel and respond when they see your company name, your logo, website or advertising? [MORE]
  • website developmentThe internet is the single most important marketing tool of our time. More people use the internet than any other media vehicle. [MORE]
  • public relations Public Relations is the art of story-telling for business. Every business has a story to tell. Let us help you find your story and share it with a world of potential customers. [MORE]
  • social media marketing Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Pinterest. ScoopIt. Get connected to the world of online social media. Experience matters. [MORE]
  • marketing plans & research In business, as in life, failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan for success with The Goodness Company, global leaders in healthcare marketing. [MORE]

Key Team Players

Great ideas rarely come from people who spend their entire week staring at a computer screen. The best ideas are the result of insights gleaned from life itself. These are the ideas that resonate with truth, grit and human emotion. An agency is only as good as the ideas it produces.

Patrick Goodness, ceo
Patrick goodness

Patrick Goodness is one of the most recognized names in the global healthcare and medical marketing industry. Healthcare organizations from around the corner and around the world rely on Patrick for insightful marketing consultation and marketing planning services. Patrick’s no-nonsense approach to marketing has helped hospitals, medical centers, medical practices, dental offices and medical organizations around the world transform their brand and dramatically increase sales and profitability.

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Terri Goodness, chief creative officer

Terri Goodness

Fresh ideas, inspiring design and innovative marketing solutions have made The Goodness Company a leader in global healthcare marketing. Terri Goodness is the creative force behind the company’s success as a creative marketing powerhouse. From distinctive branding and web site development, to effective social media marketing, video marketing, trade show marketing and more...Terri Goodness takes healthcare and medical marketing to an exciting new level.

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