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Patrick Goodness - Event Services

The Goodness Company has executed project work in more than 45 countries on five continents, with experience in global marketing, advertising, public relations, and event management. We provide valuable strategic planning services that position our clients to succeed in a competitive global environment.

Our global recognition stems from our reputation for hard work, unmatched expertise and delivery of clear results. Government agencies, organizations and corporations around the world trust The Goodness Company with critical marketing, public relations, branding and event management projects.

Event Management: Exhibit Your Strengths

The success of your healthcare event or exhibition is dependent on your ability to build a strong team, define a strategy and goals, and execute your plans on schedule and within your budget. Foreign trade shows are even more demanding, and require experience, cultural sensitivity and hands-on, on-site management.

Foreign events are similar to building a short-term corporation in a foreign land, residing and working within the dynamics of this land and culture, and preparing employees to reflect the best of your organization. Cultural training, language training, event logistics, residency, accommodations, transportation, finances, payroll, employee management, security, and contingency planning are all critical elements of successful event planning and management.

The Goodness Company understands the dynamics of many global cultures and the importance of thorough research and preparation to ensure a thoughtful approach and successful results. Our multicultural, multinational experience, paired with our hands-on approach to marketing, public relations and event management ensures that The Goodness Company is a superior choice to represent your healthcare organization with professionalism, passion and unmatched enthusiasm.

Event Management: Exhibit Your Strengths