Market Research

Call us silly…but we believe that knowing your market should come before we begin any marketing effort. Who are your target customers? What matters to them? What motivates them to action? These are the questions that need answers…honest answers. With reliable, quantifiable data, our marketing efforts stand a greater chance of success.

Marketing is an investment.

Marketing without research...
is gambling.

Market Research & Marketing Plans: Planning for Success

A marketing plan is your roadmap to success.  It charts a course for where you want to go…and how you plan to get there.  For our healthcare clients, we’ll approach your marketing efforts in the same way you would treat a patient.

Initial Examination:

We’ll take a look at your marketing history and see what’s worked…and what hasn’t.  We’ll work with you to clarify your goals and determine the best budget to deliver optimal results.

Tell us where it hurts.  We’ll make it better.



We’ll conduct a thorough review of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and will outline the keys to achieving success. We’ll review your goals in light of market competition and will craft a plan that will give you the competitive edge you need to win…in a local, national or global marketplace.   


Treatment Plan:

As healthcare marketing specialists, our goal is to help your organization grow and reach your goals.  We’ll develop a step-by-step marketing treatment plan that addresses your unique challenges and outlines the process to achieve success.   

When we’ve completed our work…your new marketing plan will fit like a glove. A surgical glove.  (Sorry…we couldn’t resist)



All of the best doctors in the world can’t cure a person that won’t take the medicine.  The same is true for marketing.  After we’ve agreed on your marketing treatment plan, we’ll work with you to make critical changes and to implement the elements of your marketing plan. 

From branding to collateral materials, online marketing, video marketing, website development, social media marketing and more…The Goodness Company is your link to healthcare marketing that drives results.