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The Goodness Company is your connection to
results-driven medical tourism marketing.

Medical Tourism Cluster Marketing:
Making your Location a Destination!

Does your city or region have the potential to become a global medical tourism destination?

If you have a medical tourism cluster, or are planning to develop one, trust The Goodness Company to help you create the critical branding and marketing strategy to guide your cluster to success.  From the very first meeting to the launch of your brand, web site and strategic marketing campaign, The Goodness Company has the experience to help put you on the map as a global medical tourism leader. 

In addition to our marketing services, The Goodness Company offers an extensive network of leading healthcare and medical tourism consultants to guide your cluster and cluster members to success.

Available Training and Consulting:
  • Introduction to Medical Tourism
  • International Patient Department Consultation
  • Medical Tourism Training
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Hospitality Training & Package Development
  • Medical Insurance Billing
  • Understanding the American Medical Tourist

Need a custom solution?

We´ll find the right solutions to help you become a leader in interational health travel. Custom training, development and consultation services are available for our medical tourism cluster clients. Contact Us Now!