“Experience and Personal Attention...”

Bill Cook

Our experience with The Goodness Company is always positive and inspirational. Their team is always brimming with great ideas to help us grow! If you're looking for a marketing agency that provides strong experience, personal attention and creative ideas that generate positive returns, you can trust The Goodness Company. We do.

Bill Cook, Director,
International Department Hospital Clinica Biblica – Medical Tours Costa Rica

“True Healthcare
Marketing Professionals”

Mike Lomax

Patrick Goodness and the entire team at The Goodness Company are true healthcare marketing professionals. They understand the market and what it takes to drive results. Our new website and marketing efforts often deliver multiple leads per day. At the end of the day, it comes down to one thing...trust. Trust is never given. it is earned. I trust The Goodness Company to handle all of our marketing needs. because they have earned it. Honesty, integrity and results. The Goodness Company gets high marks for all three.

Mike Lomax, President
Costa Rica Dental Team

“Efficiency and Excellence
in Marketing!”

Janine Fafard

I only have PRAISE for The Goodness Company. The overwhelming positive comments from my network and the numerous phone calls from total strangers received after my website was launched shows The Goodness Company’s efficiency and excellence I experienced all through the creative process. Thumbs up!

janine fafard, owner / operator
costa rica holistic health

Our Services at a Glance

  • branding Quite simply...Branding is Perception. How do people feel and respond when they see your company name, your logo, website or advertising? [MORE]
  • website developmentThe internet is the single most important marketing tool of our time. More people use the internet than any other media vehicle. [MORE]
  • public relations Public Relations is the art of story-telling for business. Every business has a story to tell. Let us help you find your story and share it with a world of potential customers. [MORE]
  • social media marketing Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Pinterest. ScoopIt. Get connected to the world of online social media. Experience matters. [MORE]
  • marketing plans & research In business, as in life, failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan for success with The Goodness Company, global leaders in healthcare marketing. [MORE]

More Testimonials

Gary Moulton – Accessibility and Disabilities Group, Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation

The Goodness Company has been extremely helpful…your work on our Able to Work consortium was instrumental to its success! The Goodness Company has also been key to our success in marketing…As a result of the skills and abilities of your and your staff, Microsoft’s Accessibility & Disabilities Group continues to make groundbreaking progress!

Natalie Garvey, M.Psc, Owner – Inner Balance
Inner Balance Costa Rica

Whenever I call with questions they take as much time as necessary explaining, offering advertising guidance, but most importantly looking to help my business grow. Terri is very creative, fresh, and efficient with her work. They have captured the essence of what I have wanted to do for the last 5 years of my life and are helping me make it a reality.

Angela Tin, Vice President, Environmental Health – The American Lung Association
American Lung Association
The American Lung Association of Illinois operates a nation-wide Tobacco Quitline and Helpline that is funded by our State Department of Health. We respond to calls and questions from all over the nation on lung health. We did not have a consistent marketing or media package. We were basically operating as best as we could at that time, and we did not know how to market a product. The state provided grant dollars for us to hire some outside help. We reached out to The Goodness Company and they helped us develop an in-depth marketing and media package. They helped us create a stakeholder group to whom we could provide the marketing and media package, who in turn, would carry out the work for us. It was a very successful and beneficial work team.

Bill Cook, Director, International Department Hospital Clinica Biblica –
Medical Tours Costa Rica
Clinica Biblica Costa Rica

Having been in the medical travel industry now for many years I have met many key players and, unfortunately, some occasional pretenders. Having known Patrick and his company now for nearly a year, I consider him without question to be the go to expert where medical travel marketing is concerned. Patrick has the work ethic and vision to take companies to the next level of their game. Suffice to say that for any serious marketing venture I will always seek the Goodness Company’s advice.

Barry Rassin, President Doctors Hospital Health System Bahamas Medical
Doctors Hospital Bahamas

Having heard Patrick Goodness speak on marketing an International Patient Care Program, I felt that he was knowledgeable and practical. We asked him to join us for the long term to assist in developing our program that had to be done right following international standards for an Accredited Hospital. It is clear that we made the right choice.  I am confident that he and his team bring an expertise that will ensure that we follow the right path to success.